British scientists have cured type II diabetes with hunger

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Type II diabetes is not an irreversible disease, irrevocably changing the work of the human body, its progress can be reversed with a low calorie diet, said the famous British diabetology Roy Taylor at the conference of the European society for the study of diabetes in Lisbon.

«The good news for diabetics is that even if you have had diabetes for ten years, then all of his symptoms can be eliminated by removing a small amount of fat from the pancreas. The bad news is that while this can be done only by a sharp weight», — said the scientist.

According to who statistics, there are 347 million diabetic patients and about every 9 out of 10 diabetics suffer from type II diabetes, resulting from the growth of the immunity of the body to insulin. While 80% of diabetics live in low and middle income. By 2030 diabetes will be the seventh cause of death worldwide.

Two years ago, Taylor and his colleagues discovered, by experimenting on mice that cause the development of type II diabetes is obesity the pancreas and liver. The removal of the whole fat of the bodies, as shown by the experiments, scientists have eliminated all disease symptoms and including forced the rest of the body cells normally take an insulin molecule.

«Our experiments showed that the appearance of fat within the pancreas converts it the cells responsible for insulin production, in a sort of «survival mode», when hit in which they stop producing the hormone and just trying not to die. Fat removal, restores their work. Now we have an explanation of why some people have to get rid of type II diabetes,» continues Taylor.

This discovery inspired scientists, they tested whether a similar technique for humans, gathering a group of several dozen suffering from type II diabetes and put them on a special diet that help remove fat from the liver and pancreas.

This diet, as noted by diabetology, liked his team as it allowed them to stop feel hunger and fatigue and get rid of the disease. Now all the participants of the experiments were switched to another diet that helps them to maintain a low level of fat in the liver and pancreas.

Now Taylor and his colleagues conducted new clinical trials are more extensive and long-lasting, successful completion of which will allow to introduce a similar technique for the treatment of diabetes hunger strike in clinical practice.