Crowned same-sex couples, the pastor received a reprimand from the diocese

© AP Photo / Efrem LukatskyФлаг the LGBT communityCrowned same-sex couples, the pastor received a reprimand from the diocese© AP Photo / Efrem Lukatsky

Spiritual Chapter of the Helsinki diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church issued a strict reprimand to the pastor, who was the first in Finland began to marry same-sex couples, according to broadcaster Yle.

«The spiritual Chapter of the Helsinki diocese issued a strict reprimand to pastor Kay Sadiemae, that married same-sex couples. The reprimand is the first in Finland, an official punishment for the pastor for the wedding of same-sex couples,» said the broadcaster.

The Board of bishops stated that the Church wedding is not possible if we are talking about same-sex couples. The decision of the Chapter was adopted by five votes against two. Remaining in the minority proposed to limit the warning.

Kay Sadima became the first Finnish pastor, who on March 1, 2017, after entry into force of the law on equal marriage, married same-sex couple. Sadima denies any wrongdoing. According to the pastor, marriage in the Lutheran concept is a state institution, and it dealt solely with civil laws, and the pastor, acting as a representative of public authority can not comply with this legislation.

Spiritual Chapter could either leave Sadima without punishment, or give him a verbal recommendation or written warning, or to deprive him of the right to serve as a priest temporarily or permanently. As noted by the broadcaster, Adinma of the parish. He also held the post of priest in the parish at that time, when married same-sex couples. In addition, Sadina almost 30 priests on the territory of the eight dioceses crowned or blessed same-sex couples, added to TV companies.

In Finland, the act «On equal marriage,» which defines marriage as the Union of two persons, and not as Union men and women. The Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church decided not to marry same-sex couples.