Dagestan can come to the forefront in the development of the industry

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite in photomontagist. Archival photoDagestan can come to the forefront in the development of the industry© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite the image Bank

Dagestan can come to the forefront in the RF industry and energy thanks to the initiatives of the regional government, the Chairman of the Board of the Russian public organization for environmental protection «Public environmental monitoring of Russia» Valery Voloshin.

«Today, we see a positive transformation in the country and emanating from the regional government initiative. I am sure that the pace of development of the industry will only grow. I’m sure that in the nearest future Dagestan welling to the forefront in the development of industry and energy, biotechnology, environment,» – quoted Voloshin Ministry of industry of Dagestan.

According to regional minproma, over the last four years as a result of successful implementation of the priority project «New industrialization» of the production volumes in the Republic increased more than 2.2 times. The index of industrial production last year amounted to 136,3%, including by kind of economic activities «manufacturing» – 141,3%, in the sector «production and distribution of electricity, gas and water» — of 111.9%.

«Made in the Republic indicators significantly exceed the average for the North Caucasus Federal district and Russia and is a record (RF — 101,1%, in the NCFD – 107,5%). The momentum has continued and since the beginning of this year. Thus, the index of industrial production for January-July of 2017 as a whole made up of 144.7%,» — told RIA Novosti representative of the regional Ministry of industry.