In Kuzbas have received 18 calls about «mining» of objects

© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikovskoye police. Archival photoIn Kuzbas have received 18 calls about «mining» of objects© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikov

A number of anonymous phone calls about «mining» of social objects and institutions of Kemerovo rose to 18, each signal is developed, and the forces and means to do enough, told journalists on Wednesday, the acting Deputy Governor of Kuzbass for the coordination of law enforcement and military authorities Alexey Kozhevin.

«At the moment, recorded 18 such calls. Given that a similar situation was previously observed in other regions of Russia, it is possible that we are dealing with large-scale act of «telephone» hooliganism. The situation is on control of law enforcement agencies of the region, each signal is processed within established procedures, forces and resources for these actions is enough,» said Kozhevin.

Regional authorities urged residents to remain calm and vigilant. «About all suspicious objects and people immediately call the police,» — said the acting Governor.

A series of anonymous calls about «mining» of various administrative and commercial buildings recorded in recent days in major Russian cities, people were evacuated, law enforcement agencies have carried out checks.

In Kemerovo on Wednesday due to a similar phone threats evacuated several schools, city administration, clinics, shopping centers «universe» and «Greenwich» and the train and bus stations. According to preliminary data, no explosive device was not detected.

Deliberately false report about an act of terrorism a criminal offence. Sanctions of the relevant article of the criminal code, in particular, provide for the punishment of up to 1 million rubles of a penalty or till 5 years of imprisonment.