In Perm opened a case on the fact of «mining» of seven schools and station

© Fotolia / Baggages. Archival photoIn Perm opened a case on the fact of «mining» of seven schools and station© Fotolia / Corgarashu

The Perm militiamen brought criminal case upon anonymous calls about bomb scare in the seven schools of the city and the railway station on 12 September, reported RIA Novosti the representative of the press service of the government of Perm Krai.

The morning of September 12 in the Perm police received an anonymous message that in the seven schools of the city laid an explosive device. Were evacuated 5706 students and teachers, in all schools in the city canceled the lessons. Later the police received a message about mining of the railway station. The station were evacuated all passengers. Police found no explosive devices.

«As reported in the Ministry of territorial security of the Perm region, 12 September at 22.20 was finished checking all of the objects in respect of which calls were made about the bomb scare. Dangerous objects are detected. The Department of the MIA of Russia in the city of Perm initiated a criminal case under article «knowingly false report about an act of terrorism», — explained in the regional government.

The police carries out operational-search measures to establish the identity of the caller.

In a press-service of the government noted that on the morning of 13 September, the law enforcement officers checked seven schools, which were discussed, after which the kids started on lessons. All educational institutions of the city work in a regular mode.