In Russia will create a unified computing system for the solution of scientific problems

© Fotolia / Klaus The.The fiber optic cable. Archival photoIn Russia will create a unified computing system for the solution of scientific problems© Fotolia / Klaus The.

Unified computing system for the solution of scientific problems will be created in Russia by 2018, told RIA Novosti Director of the Federal research centre «Informatics and management», RAS academician Igor Sokolov.

«We are now creating under the Federal Agency of scientific organizations (FANO) infrastructure high-performance computing is a network that will provide modern scientist algorithmic and software tools to solve his scientific problems. We plan to complete the establishment of this system in 2018,» — said Sokolov.

Sokolov noted that today’s scientific activity is inconceivable without the collection and processing of large amounts of information and calculations.

«These tasks are now executed in dedicated data centers. With the introduction of this system of computation will be carried out in seconds and have access to the results of other studies,» said the scientist.

He explained that computing power today is used by the materials scientists. In his view, the current global trend is the use of composite materials, but little is known about their properties.

«This is a serious problem, as the aircraft is aimed at the use of composite materials, in particular the creation of MS-21 aircraft were used such materials. The use of computing in the study of the properties of composite materials is a Prime example. Our system will allow to accelerate these studies,» said Sokolov.

According to him, today the network consists of three nodes in Khabarovsk, Novosibirsk and Moscow.

«The next node we’ll stand in Pereslavl-Zalessky, and it will be the backbone of this system to the entire scientific community. Among other things this system provides protection of information», — said Sokolov.