Kurdish Peshmerga reinforce the military presence in Iraq’s Kirkuk

© RIA Novosti / Sarah Nureddingyzy. Archival photoKurdish Peshmerga reinforce the military presence in Iraq’s Kirkuk© RIA Novosti / Sarah Noureddine

Kurdish Peshmerga reinforce its presence near the Iraqi city Kirkuk and other neighboring districts, said on Tuesday the Shiite politician Mohammed al-Bayati.

Al-Bayati, a part of the leadership of the Shiite paramilitary organization «Badr», said that, according to him, columns of military equipment from Erbil headed to the area of Kirkuk, Dakok town and village of Tuz-khormato, located in the province of Salah al-DIN. In these areas, in addition to the Kurds inhabited by Arabs and Iraqi Turkomans.

«These forces were sent there not for the referendum, and for the suppression of the Arabs and Turkomans to the imposition of this vote, using force, weapons, tanks and armored personnel carriers», — appears in the text of the policy statement distributed by the Iraqi TV channel «al-Sumaria».

The Council of the Iraqi province of Kirkuk in late August, voted for the inclusion of its territory in a vote on independence for the Autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan, scheduled for September 25.

The authorities of the Autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan appointed a referendum on secession from Iraq on September 25. Step by Kurdish authorities criticized Baghdad and Tehran and Washington. It was reported that Turkey and Iran expressed a common position that the holding of a referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan could trigger a rise in tensions and called for the abandonment of the initiative.