«Lenkom» will present the first premiere of the season «Dreams of Mr. de Moliere…»

© RIA Novosti / Konstantin to Collabourate fotobanka in the theatres of Moscow. The Lenkom Theatre. Archival photo«Lenkom» will present the first premiere of the season «Dreams of Mr. de Moliere…»© RIA Novosti / Konstantin to Collabourate the image Bank

The play «the Dreams of Mr. de Moliere…» will be the first premiere of the new season of the Moscow theatre «Lenkom» the statement on the play of Michael Bulgakov «Servitude of hypocrites» was performed by Paul Safonov, this debut film in the theater, the press service of «Lenkom».

The premiere will take place on Wednesday, September 13.

«I was invited to be staged at the «Lenkom» and of the three proposed names Mark Zakharov interested in «Servitude of hypocrites». I about this play I thought that was such a long inner preparation. This work Bulgakov will always be interesting for anyone involved in the theatre. I, unfortunately, did not see the famous efromovskovo production. But incredibly sensitive to what is connected with the name of Efros. And for us it was symbolic that on 3 July, the birthday of Anatoly Vasilyevich, the first time we «gathered» our performance», — said the Director before the premiere.

According to him, he is happy that together with him worked on the production of the artist Marius Jacovskis, who invented the «fantastic scenery, very theatrical and running» composer faustas Latenas, costume designer Evgenia Panfilova, choreographer Sergei Gritsai.

«Igor Mirkurbanov for Moliere suggested that I mark Anatolyevich. And this proposal seemed to me interesting, modern and unexpected. A creative person like Mirkurbanov can make this material truly iconic role. Noteworthy works of Victor Verzhbitsky (Louis the Great), Ivan Agapov, Anna Bolshova… Gathered a good crew of actors, it was very interesting to work with these artists,» said Safonov.

Mirkurbanov stressed that the work on this play and the way Moliere was difficult, but that’s exactly what it attracts. And with the release of the premiere it does not end and will continue until he will go on stage in this role.

«Our performance is our fantasy of such a difficult and tragic fate,» — said RIA Novosti Mirkurbanov.

The creators of the show gave it the name «Dreams of Mr. de Moliere…».

«Dreams, because our reality is sometimes really like a bad dream. And I want to shake everyone to Wake up to understand that you cannot kill the belief that you can not deliver. But on the other hand, happens in the dream is something pure and naive. Dreams are dreams, and our hopes most cherished, a love that is not from the mind but from the heart. And in this love all fits together and becomes whole, real,» — said Safonov.