Movie premieres of the week: «Mama!» Aronofsky, «Partner» and «Status of brad»

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The long-awaited Thriller «Mama!» Darren Aronofsky and Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem in the lead roles, the film «Partner» with computer hero-a baby, a Comedy with Ben Stiller «the Status of brad» will see the Russian audience this week.


New Thriller cult American Director Darren Aronofsky («Black Swan», «Noah», «the wrestler») begins as an intimate story about a family that turns into something quite different. In the film, the couple — the Mother (Jennifer Lawrence) and He (Javier Bardem) — lead with mind serene existence in Paradise, secluded from the world, until their house not come unbidden guests — a man (ed Harris) and a woman (Michelle Pfeiffer). Their appearance blows up a quiet narrow-minded little world of the couple. The Director said that the script of the movie is him literally «splashed» five days, unlike the previous six movies that have matured over the years.

«Something came from headers, which we encounter every second and every day that I have endlessly strum alerts on our smartphones…something from the heart, something from the gut. All together – a recipe that I’m unlikely to repeat, but I’m pretty sure this concoction is best consumed in one gulp,» — quoted Aronofsky the press service of the distributor of the film. Picture in which there is fear, love and surrealism, will be a subject of fierce debate, said the Director.

According to the charismatic Javier Bardem, whose appearance on the screen the audience is always looking forward, to act with such actors like Pfeiffer, Harris and Lawrence was the best for him «fuel», in turn, three times nominated for «Oscar» Pfeiffer noted that the game of Bardem in the film «Testament to how he’s a great actor.»

The rating of audience expectations on the movie website Rotten Tomatoes was 87%. The Premier took place at the Venice festival, where the audience booed the picture.

The idea of the Russian Comedy «Partner» is perfect for cinema is not new — the relocation of an adult in a child’s body, but in this case, the filmmakers went on, «generalrules» baby on the computer.

«Partner» is a very ambitious project, because this main character is completely computer generated baby — on the world screen was not. This is a real challenge… «Partner» is the first movie that uses so much advanced technology», — quotes the press service of the distributor of the film producer Sergei Selyanov.

In the film, resulting in a failed RAID major Khromov moved to the body of a small child. But even reseeding the police car, in the stroller, he manages to deliver a lot of trouble crime syndicate in the far East. Khromova role was played by Sergey Garmash. According to the film’s Director Alexander Andryushchenko, he immediately thought of the Garmash, because the actor «is less suited to this role, which creates a truly unique conflict».

«Project «Mate» is the beginning of the end. If it’s read by the actors — remember, when you get a call from the young Director Alexander Andryushchenko and offers to drive to «remove the expressions from the face» for the new movie… Give up. It’s the end of an acting career. But seriously, this is an absolute breakthrough, and I just couldn’t refuse to participate in this great experiment. Believe me, you will have something to discuss after viewing», — quotes a press-service the comment of Garmash.

The film’s Director is confident that «the audience will experience a unique sense of wonder, which is not even in the most famous Russian films.

© CTB film company (2017)scene from the movie «Partner»Movie premieres of the week: «Mama!» Aronofsky, «Partner» and «Status of brad»© CTB Film company (2017)scene from the movie «Partner»
The Status Of Brad

In the new film Mike white «Status of brad» the hero of Ben Stiller — an ordinary American, he has a good job and a loving family, but the brad considers himself a loser. Brad wants for his teenage son a better fate, so with it goes in search of the most worthy of the University. In this journey he meets his former classmates, more successful than him, the crisis is aggravated, but comes to the aid of the son.

The rating of audience expectations on the website Rotten Tomatoes was 87%. The Comedy also was warmly welcomed by critics. «Status of brad» — quiet and unassuming ribbon in the genre dramedy, which is really worth to spend time,» — writes columnist edition of Deadline Hollywood Daily, Pete Hammond.

© Plan B Entertainment (2017)scene from the movie «the Status of brad»Movie premieres of the week: «Mama!» Aronofsky, «Partner» and «Status of brad»© Plan B Entertainment (2017)scene from the movie «the Status of brad»