Russia has developed a draft civil nuclear submarine

© Photo : Chief of naval staff Russiatoday boat. Archive photoRussia has developed a draft civil nuclear submarine© Photo : the headquarters of the Russian Navy

The designers of the Central design Bureau for marine engineering (CDB) «ruby» has developed the project of civil transport of nuclear submarine catamaran type, has informed journalists the head of the project group the direction of physical and technical studies of the Foundation for advanced studies Victor Litvinenko.

Underwater complex for transportation, installation and maintenance of underwater equipment for various applications will provide and the delivery of underwater equipment for offshore fields in freezing seas and in any other areas of the World ocean. In addition, the complex will provide the delivery and operation of underwater technical means to perform service and repair work on underwater oil and gas production, and can also be used to lift sunken objects from the seabed.

«The project is designed CDB «Rubin» in the framework of the project of the advanced research Foundation «iceberg», — said Litvinenko in the framework of the 13th exhibition and conference RAO/CIS Offshore.

According to him, this project has no analogues in the world. «Analogues of (project) nowhere. <…> This residence is multifunctional, it can and cargo transport, and to put seismic equipment,» said Litvinenko.

As reported, speaking at a round table in the framework of the exhibition and conference, the chief designer of the CDB me «Rubin» Eugene Toropov, testing the underwater complex held at Krylov state research centre.

«In front of the complex is focused on delivery of equipment anywhere in the Arctic, regardless of the ice situation. Analysis of the use of the icebreaker fleet in the Arctic showed that the construction work requires continuous operation icebreaker, and today the vessels are not all can undergo to high latitudes,» said he.

«We can <…> is safe to say that such a drive can be created. The cost will be 40% less than the cost of a similar displacement of military nuclear submarine, (submarine) may be built on existing capacity to Sevmashpredpriyatie, said Toropov.

The advanced research Foundation and the Central design Bureau for marine engineering «Rubin» with participation of the Ministry of defense, Gazprom, Rosneft, Rosatom and the United shipbuilding Corporation in 2013 carried study the possibility of creating technology for subglacial development of hydrocarbon fields in the area year-round ice cover in the Russian Arctic.