Sands considers unacceptable extremism in relation to «Matilda»

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Incomerate in fotosexverhalen screening of the film Matilda in VladivostokSands considers unacceptable extremism in relation to «Matilda»© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Uncovereth the image Bank

The situation around the film by Alexei Uchitel «Matilda» gets an unpleasant form, it is not necessary to talk about who was responsible for this, including the Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Polonskaya as it is necessary to separate the discussion from extremism; and pressure on the distributors because of the film unacceptable, any manifestations of extremism needs to stop law enforcement authorities, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

«We would not have to exaggerate everything. However, all this has takes rather unpleasant forms, the whole story around. The fact that these manifestations of extremism and attempts of pressure on the cinema — is absolutely unacceptable, and it is a danger, as any manifestation of extremism. Of course, this is subject to persecution by law enforcement bodies», — said Peskov, answering the question of why law enforcement bodies do not respond to group «like «Christendom», and there are fears in the Kremlin about the growth of radicalization in the society.

Thus the question of whether or not the Kremlin that Russia is solely responsible for the development of the situation surrounding the film, Peskov said «I would not talk about someone’s responsibility.»

The Director’s lawyer Konstantin Dobrynin on Monday wrote on his page in Facebook that an unknown person set a car on fire outside the office of the bar Association Pen&Paper in Starokonyushenny lane. In the photos attached to the record, you can see how near the fire lay the scraps of paper on which is written «For her to burn.» The police opened a criminal case on deliberate damage of property.

Two Moscow cinemas «Sinema Park» and «Formula Kino» refused to show «Matilda», despite the fact that the film has been issued a rental license.

The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, speaking about the situation around the movie «Matilda», said that his resent deliberately escalate around picture of hysteria, despite the fact that this «ordinary film».