Scientists have created a vaccine for the «illness jihadists» that eats the body alive

© Fotolia / Dan RaceУченый with a model DNA in a test tubeScientists have created a vaccine for the «illness jihadists» that eats the body alive© Fotolia / Dan Race

Brazilian and American researchers claim the creation of the first prototype vaccine for leishmaniasis – a parasitic disease that literally eats the body alive, the epidemic which has recently started in Syria on the territories controlled by the extremists, according to a paper published in the journal ACS Central Science.

«If this disease is not treated, the parasite will kill a person in approximately 20-40 days after entering into the blood. Some medications can kill some parasites, but none of them can be guaranteed to destroy all cells of Leishmania, which can lead to repeated outbreak of the disease, untreated, like malaria,» says Alexander Marquez (Alexandre Marques) from the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Belo Horizonte (Brazil).

In April of last year in the world’s media began to spread reports of mysterious sickness «jihadists» from spreading among the inhabitants of those parts of Syria that was occupied by the forces of ISIS*. This disease, according to witnesses, literally infected forced her to rot, and this process has begun with the person.

Doctors have two ideas about what might be called the epidemic – its pathogens are streptococci of group A, causing necrotizing fasciitis, and unicellular parasites Leishmania spreading flies and mosquitoes. The reason for their spread, as scientists believe, is that the militants left the bodies of their victims to rot on the street that promotes breeding of flies and germs.

Both of these disease lead to approximately same results and is equally lethal to their carriers, prompting physicians to look for opportunities to protect the population of the Middle East from the infection and contain its further spread on the Ground.

Marquez and his colleagues created the first prototype of a vaccine against leishmaniasis, it is able to protect the person from a similar fate, having studied the structure of the cell walls of the parasite and found her weak spot.

As scholars have noted, make it very difficult, as these single-celled creatures is much more complex than viruses and microbes, and they live in the special conditions inside proboscises flies and in immune cells, which are particularly difficult to reproduce.

Leishmania, like many other intracellular parasites, have a special system of chemical «disguise» which makes them invisible to the immune system and helps them to penetrate cells of humans and other mammals. The researchers analyzed how this system works, and its synthetic counterparts that the immune system can «swallow» and study without harm to themselves.

So the immune system can see these «models» Leishmania, scientists have placed them in particular viruses, can not reproduce, but is clearly visible to the immune cells. As shown by experiments on animals, the introduction of this vaccine in mice completely protected them from infection of different strains of leishmaniasis, which opens the way for the start of pre clinical and clinical trials of this medicine from «disease of the jihadists».

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia