Scientists have shown a link between starvation and hair growth

© RIA Novosti / <3Зеленые hair. Archival photoScientists have shown a link between starvation and hair growth© RIA Novosti / <3

Scientists from Brazil have proven that starvation causes intense hair growth. The study, a brief description of which leads portal EurekAlert, published in the journal Cell Reports.

The relationship was proven on the basis of the observation the two groups of mice. One group of rodents is severely limited in the diet, while the other ate normally. For six months, mice ate 60% of normal for portions of them, began to weigh twice as better,moreover, in rodents increased thickness of skin, firmness and long hair, also increased total length of blood vessels in the skin.

Scientists believe that such major changes are the result of adaptation of the mice to the new diet. The rodents began to lose less heat to maintain constant body temperature that led to the growth of hair.

Brazilian experts say that gaining insights hold true for humans.