SGK are ready to upgrade the heat supply in several Russian cities

© RIA Novosti / Maxim Belinostat. Archival photoSGK are ready to upgrade the heat supply in several Russian cities© RIA Novosti / Maxim Blinov

Siberian generating company is considering participation in the modernization of a heat supply in Novokuznetsk and other cities of Russia, told journalists on Wednesday CEO Mikhail Kuznetsov.

«Maybe even in those cities in which we are not today, we will consider such proposals and may, to participate,» — said Kuznetsov. One of these cities, he said, can become Novokuznetsk.

Currently SGK completes the project on modernization of heat supply of Rubtsovsk in the Altai region. The work is carried out within the framework of a concession agreement for 15 years from 2017 to 2032. During this period, the infrastructure of heat supply it is planned to invest over 2 billion rubles with the VAT. A large part is used to reconstruct a primary heat source — South thermal station, and 12 boilers. The rest of the funds will be used in the thermal grid complex.

Previously, Kuznetsov said that during the implementation of projects on modernization of heat supply SGK expects a payback in about 12 years. The company needs long-term assurances from the authorities — retaining the existing rate of heat increase in the future inflation sufficient to solve existing problems and improve the situation in the industry.

Siberian generating company (SGK) is engaged in the production, transportation and sale of thermal and electric energy. The company operates in the Republic of Khakassia, Tuva, Kemerovo region, Krasnoyarsk and Altai territories, and provides heat more than 3 million consumers.


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