Soloviev recalled the «war channels» because of the jokes Urgant

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Codecoverage in Photobacterium Vladimir Solovyov, archival photoSoloviev recalled the «war channels» because of the jokes Urgant© RIA Novosti / Alexei Codiscovered the image Bank

TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov said he believes the presenter of the First channel Ivan Urgant talented person and treats him with sympathy, but in his joke was about the channel-the competitor that is deemed unacceptable in corporate ethics.

Solovyov informed in response to a joke Urgant on the title for the TV channel «Russia 1» was posted on his Twitter a fragment program, where he said that, unlike his father, will not be included into the database of the Ukrainian website «Peacemaker», because it is quite a «nasty joke about me.»

«As such transfers are recorded in advance and knowing the relationship between our channels, in particular, which once moved a number of prominent television personalities to work in our channel from the First channel, I could relate to it as another joke Ivan. About me — I do not care! She often jokes about me — I don’t care! I think Ivan is a very talented person, very talented host, treat him with sympathy. But here we are talking about the channel. And the fact that this joke, which could not pass (Director of the First channel Konstantin) Ernst — because in our practice there is: if you hurt another channel, the user always knows that I have to count it as? It wasn’t improvisation, and Reprise (the torpedo), sent to our station from Constantine L. via Ivan Andreevich?» — said Solovyov, the radio station «Vesti FM» on Wednesday.

The presenter recalled that the «channel wars» were fought more than once: «in 90-e years it was in 2013». «And here I was forced to answer in the first place is because the corporate that not even Mr. Urgant made, but behind it, but use it in our Corporation is considered to be unacceptable,» — said Solovyov.

The journalist admitted that he «did not want <…> on the subject of thinking», but after all the Ukrainian nationalist websites have started to «replicate, giving a political voice to this joke,» it became clear «that the joke Ivan Andreevich has found its target audience.» «And here, sorry, I had to respond because the topic has gone far beyond the usual showdown», — he explained.

Earlier in the program «Evening Urgant» Ivan Urgant smeared his face with white ground and on the question of what it is, the guest program presenter Irena Ponaroshku said it was Nightingale droppings. It Urgant jokingly replied, «that’s a good name for a show on the channel «Russia».

In the microblog in Twitter Solovyov, in turn, posted the recording of its programme on the TV channel «Russia 1», which told a joke Urgant. This one wasn’t shown in Moscow, the TV channel, and sounded only at the regional double when the transfer was live.