The chamber advocates the reduction of intermediaries in the food markets

© RIA Novosti / Thomas Kizukanai of the accounting chamber in Moscow. Archival photoThe chamber advocates the reduction of intermediaries in the food markets© RIA Novosti / Thomas Thick

The accounts chamber of the Russian Federation advocates the adoption of measures aimed at increasing competition and reducing intermediaries in the food markets of Russia, said at a meeting of the state Duma, the auditor of the controlling Agency Bato-Zhargal of Zhambalnimbuev.

He recalled that in 2016 the growth of food prices was 5.8%, and in the first half of 2017 and 3.7%, «somewhat above the level of inflation for the relevant period.»

Moreover, the real incomes of the population in 2016 has decreased in comparison with year 2015 is 5.9%, for the six months of the current year by 1.4%. «And we see that the rate of decline is slowing,» said the auditor.

«To further improve the situation, as our analysis shows, it is necessary to implement systematic measures to increase domestic competition in the food markets, including measures that could lead to a reduction in the number of redundant intermediaries to improve access to them», — said Zhambalnimbuev.