The Chekhov Moscow art theatre will present the play Renata Litvinova, «the North wind»

© RIA Novosti / Boris to Praticipate in photobacteria of the Moscow Art academic theatre named after A. P. Chekhov. Archival photoThe Chekhov Moscow art theatre will present the play Renata Litvinova, «the North wind»© RIA Novosti / Boris to Praticipate the image Bank

Moscow art theatre named after Chekhov (Moscow art theatre) presents the premiere of «North wind» — a play by Renata Litvinova in her own statement, reported by the press service of the Moscow art theatre.

The premiere performances will take place on 13, 14 and 25 September at the little theatre.

«North wind» is my directorial debut in the theater, my first play where I gathered my companions. And together we made a play about the North, Death and Love — each of its» — said Litvinov before the premiere.

The genre of the play the Director has identified as «real fantasy».

«It’s like a phantasmagoria, anyway I pull some own the song, it’s still a carpet in which all these threads confused. I’m not going to give up, I have some kind of their own genre, very intimate,» said Litvinov.

Work on the play was in nine months.

«We are almost a year rehearsing. How many dramas and suffering. I dare say that this is not a movie where 3-4 doubles and you’re home free. Here 9 months side-by-side. It’s His Majesty Theatre», — said Litvinov.

The play, according to the author, about the Northern territory, where eternal cold and where there was failure about the area in which it is necessary to control the chaos.

Absolute co-author of the play called Litvinova Zemfira, who wrote brilliant music.

«She is an outstanding composer, who takes it and puts this desired point. Because music is the author of this play. Zemfira came on run plays and then for 5 days wrote most of the music. She said she took this not because he knows me and because she enjoyed the play,» said the Director.

«We all want to have love, to be loved. Probably about this play. And that it is necessary to dream. If you do something you really want — it will come to you. We underestimate imagination. Please dream and you will be given», — said Litvinov.

Among the artists involved in the show, Raisa Maximova, Eugene Perevalov, Sophia Ernst, Renata Litvinova, Veronika Timofeeva, Rimma Korosteleva, Maria Fomina.

Along with the Director worked on the performance: the composer Zemfira Ramazanova, costume designer George Rubchinskiy, consultant for the artistic design of Nadezhda Balabanova, set designer Nikolai Pavlov.