The foreign Ministry noted the success of Iran in countering the financing of terrorism

© Fotolia / Vogpafa Iran. Archival photoThe foreign Ministry noted the success of Iran in countering the financing of terrorism© Fotolia / Borna_Mir

USA politicize the activities of the Group of development of financial measures for combating money laundering (FATF), despite Tehran’s progress in the fight against the financing of terrorism, said the Deputy Director of the Department of new challenges and threats of the Russian foreign Ministry Dmitry Feoktistov.

On Tuesday in Rome he took part in the meeting of the members of the FATF delegation to Tehran to assess progress of Iran in the implementation of the action plan on combating the financing of terrorism, which should lead to the exclusion of Iran from the «black list» of the organization.

«Over the past four months, the Iranians, according to estimates of the Russian Federation and most other delegations, had made some, and in some areas considerable progress in bringing national systems (anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism) in compliance with international standards. In General, the plan of action, Iran must comply by the end of January next year,» said Feoktistov.

He added that the Iranian interagency delegation provided further explanations on the end-points of the dossier on prevention of the use of electronic payments and cash couriers for the purposes of the financing of terrorism. According to him, some delegations still have questions, however, Russia believes that now they are completely closed.

«The Iranians reported that they are doing in the areas, the deadline of which has not yet come is strengthening its financial intelligence unit, the willingness to ratify the Palermo Convention against transnational organized crime and to accede to the international Convention for the suppression of the financing of terrorism, to adequately implement UN resolutions concerning the freezing of terrorist assets», — said the Russian diplomat.

He stressed that the Rome meeting, which was held on the eve of the FATF plenary meeting in Buenos Aires scheduled for the end of October — beginning of November, did not affect the key for Iran issue on the extension of the moratorium Group to appeal to their jurisdictions on the application of financial countermeasures. Feoktistov recalled that at the June plenary meeting in Valencia FATF extended the moratorium, what the decision was made on the initiative of Russia for an indefinite term, whereas the previous moratorium was lifted for the year.

«Now against Iran only apply measures of customer due diligence for banks and other financial institutions, but there is no call for jurisdictions to implement countermeasures in the monetary area. They are now held only in the DPRK,» explained the Deputy Director of Department Ministry of foreign Affairs.

USA carped

As at the may meeting, the majority of the participating delegations expressed satisfaction with the progress of Iran. In fact, the only delegation that strongly clung to the Iranians and emphasize continuing their complexity, was the U.S. delegation, told Feoktistov.

«We believe that this line is far from technical assessment of the implementation of Iran’s plan of action that in fact it is the politicization of the FATF. It is obvious that such behavior of the Americans is based on the known ordering of political authority (President Donald) trump the representation of Iran as the main sponsor of terrorism and to increase sanctions pressure on Tehran… Such anti-Iranian line today has not been supported by any delegation, our sense is that the Americans in fact are deepening their own isolation on the Iran dossier of FATF», — said the diplomat.

In turn, the Iranian delegation behaved calmly and professionally, answered all questions and gave clarifications. From a technical point of view to find fault with him was very difficult, they are not behind schedule, so the end of the meeting, for Tehran it is safe to call positive, said Feoktistov.

According to him, with the coming to power of administration of the trump in the direction of the suppression of the financing of terrorism, new people came, but, paradoxically, Washington’s policy has become even more anti-Iranian. Pressure on Tehran goes in all directions, as in the context of the settlement of the Iranian nuclear program and combating the financing of terrorism.

«We think pseudoplatani the United States are a political order, which goes top and which people from the Ministry of Finance should make every effort to work out. We believe that it is wrong and untrue, — said Feoktistov.

Russian support

Feoktistov also said that Russia in the bilateral format provides Iran with technical Advisory assistance in the sphere of combating the financing of terrorism.

«The Iranians recognize that in some areas they have deficiencies remain and need technical assistance about how to better implement resolution 1373, HE SAT (on coordination under the auspices of the UN in international efforts in the fight against international terrorism), or how to formulate a Directive to authorities to financial institutions to freeze terrorist assets. This MicroProse, but they say the lack of jump,» he said.

Technical assistance to Russia for training and advanced training of specialists of the Iranian financial intelligence unit, which is held under the auspices of the Federal financial monitoring service. Latest courses for preparation of specialists was held in Moscow from 4 to 9 September.

«We said at the meeting that we will continue to provide this support,» — concluded the Russian diplomat.

The foreign Ministry noted the success of Iran in countering the financing of terrorismTerrorism in the twenty-first century