After the collision of a truck and train in Ugra in the hospital stay of four children

© Photo : SRTs of EMERCOM of Russia At the place of collision of passenger train and truck in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district. 9 September 2017After the collision of a truck and train in Ugra in the hospital stay of four children© Photo : SRTs EMERCOM of Russia

In medical institutions of Nizhnevartovsk are 12 injured in collision of passenger train and truck at a crossing in KHMAO, among them four children, the press service of the city administration.

The collision occurred on the morning of 9 September at a railway crossing in the district of Nizhnevartovsk. According to the transport police, the truck carrying sand, tangentially entered the train. The driver of the vehicle in serious condition was taken to hospital. Criminal case is brought. Earlier it was reported that the number of victims in the incident has increased to 20 people, residents of the five regions.

«Just stay in hospitals 12. Of these six, the state of moderate severity (including three children), four of mild severity (including minors)», — stated in the message of the municipality.

It is noted that the critical condition of patients who were injured in the accident have changed. Today, doctors assess him as a heavy, precise in Nizhnevartovsk administration.

On Sunday, the authorities of Ugra decided to allocate 3.3 million rubles as financial assistance to the victims. Assistance, according to preliminary information, will receive 15.

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