By the Earth flew by asteroid the size of MSU

© Fotolia / sdecoretВосход of the sun in spaceBy the Earth flew by asteroid the size of MSU© Fotolia / sdecoret

. Night by the Earth flew quite a large and previously unknown to scientists, an asteroid of about 200 meters, samishisa to our planet at a distance of 15.8 million kilometers, according to the minor planet Center of the International astronomical Union.

This celestial body was discovered by the ATLAS Observatory on mount Mauna Loa on Monday, whose employees gave him the name 2017 RU1. On current estimates, its diameter is from 62 to 200 meters, making it one of the reasonably big objects, regularly visiting the Earth’s vicinity.

In the night from Wednesday to Thursday it is closer to Earth at a maximum distance corresponding to the distance 41 between the Moon and our planet, or 15.8 million kilometres. The farthest point its orbit is at the inner boundary of the main asteroid belt beyond the orbit of Mars, at a distance of about two times greater than the distance between the Sun and the Earth.

This point, as demonstrated by the current scientists, it reaches 3 October this year, after which it will start return journey towards the Earth. This asteroid, as emphasized by astronomers, poses no threat to mankind and the probability of its collision with the planet is actually equal to zero.


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