Clinton refused to forgive did not vote, but repentant supporters

© AP Photo / Seth WenigХиллари Clinton before an autograph session during the presentation of his book What happened in new YorkClinton refused to forgive did not vote, but repentant supporters© AP Photo / Seth Wenig

The former candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton said that does not forgive those voters who now regrets not voting in the presidential election in 2016, according to CNN.

In his new book, «What happened?» Clinton recalls the several women who after its failure on elections of the President came up and apologized for what «did not vote and did nothing more to the success» of her campaign.

«It was difficult for me to comfort those who came to me with the words: «sorry, I can’t do anything more», or «I’m sorry, I didn’t vote» because I think it was the most important in terms of the consequences of elections for a long time,» Clinton said in an interview.

«Therefore, there is no forgiveness. I just hope that people understood what happened, and be ready to participate in the elections next time», she added.

The winner of the US presidential elections in 2016, was the Republican candidate Donald trump, who defeated the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. The new US administration headed by the trump has started to work after the inauguration of the new President on January 20, 2017.