Flown past Earth asteroid is not a danger, the scientist said

© Fotolia / 3000adАстероид above the Ground. Archival photoFlown past Earth asteroid is not a danger, the scientist said© Fotolia / 3000ad

Recently opened, the asteroid 2017 RU1 could be a threat object, if closer to the Ground, but it flew away from the planet, said Deputy Director of the State astronomical Institute named after Sternberg, Moscow state University (SAI), Sergei Lamzin.

The minor planet center of the International astronomical Union announced that last night the Earth passed quite a large and previously unknown to scientists, an asteroid of about 200 meters, samishisa to our planet at a distance of 15.8 million kilometres.

The Lamzin noted that he would not allocate this asteroid among others, «but 200 metres away – if he was in a city, would be a disaster serious.» «The Chelyabinsk meteorite was about ten meters, respectively, eight thousand times heavier,» said the expert.

He said that now there are about a million asteroids that are roughly between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Some of them face that leads to «knocking» from the asteroid belt and into the region between the orbit of the Earth and the Sun.

According to Lamina, the asteroid that the distance from our planet, 41 equal to the distance from the earth to the moon presented the same hazard as «a sloppy driver on Palace square in St. Petersburg would be dangerous for residents of Moscow, walking down Tverskaya».