From the bottom of the Black sea in Novorossiysk raised the time capsule from 1967

A will 50 years ago lifted from the bottom of the Black sea in Novorossiysk, appeal to the descendants sent to a Museum, reported the press-service of administration of city-hero.

Concrete structure weighing 10 tons, «a Message to posterity from 1967 to 2017» successfully raised on Wednesday.

It is noted that such a technically complex surgery in the hero-city had the first time. The work was brought to the crew of a diving boat of the RBF 5315 and floating crane «Engineer Podlesny» under the General supervision of the Director of the «Partitocracy» Nicholas Savich.

«Concrete array, which stores the capsule with the messages were delivered on the 13th berth of Novorossiysk shipyard. Here will extract and open the capsule. Then all the content of the message sent to a Museum that will provide exhibition», — stated in the message.

Clarifies that among those who sent their appeal to posterity, honored people, the symbols of his time: the Heroes of the Soviet Union test pilot Konstantin Kokkinaki, Vice-Admiral George Bachelor, commander of the Novorossiysk naval base during the great Patriotic war, rear-Admiral Lev Vladimirsky, who led during the war the black sea fleet, the participant of the storming of the Winter Palace George Councils and others.

Pupils and students wrote letters to 894 on your own time, about the love for the Motherland and hometown, about how to aspire to their generation and that they would like to pass on a heritage to descendants.

«Headquarters took only 64 letter, together with a documentary film about the life of the hero-city Novorossiysk which all the sectors. With the names of the children who were born in 7 November 1967, message to the future was placed in «time Capsule» and descended into the sea to the foot of the lighthouse Sudzhukskaya,» explained power.


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