In Khabarovsk arrested in absentia accused in the murder Drachev

© Photo : Artem accocunt basnina, have network facebookЧемпион world powerlifting Andrey Drachev. Archive photoIn Khabarovsk arrested in absentia accused in the murder Drachev© Photo : Artem accocunt basnina, have network facebook

Resident of Khabarovsk Krai Imran Aliyar oglu of allahveranov, accused of killing a world and European champion in powerlifting Andrey Drachev, declared in the international search and arrested in absentia, according to SU IC of Russia in the Khabarovsk region.

Earlier allahveranov was announced in the Federal wanted list.

On the morning of 20 August at the cafe «Gallery» in the centre of Khabarovsk, there was a conflict between the Bastard and Allahveranov who is professionally engaged in martial sports. As a result, Drachev got hit, fell down and lost consciousness. He was taken to hospital where he died, according to preliminary data from traumatic brain injury. The second participant of fight from a scene disappeared. The investigation investigates criminal case under article «murder», punishment on which provides till 20 years of imprisonment or life imprisonment, for information about the location of Allahveranov police guarantees compensation of 500 thousand rubles.

«At the request of the investigation against the accused Imran Aliyar oglu Allahveranov, declared in the international search, the court in absentia preventive measure in the form of detention», — is reported on a site of Investigatory management SKR across Khabarovsk territory.

In the course of the investigation the investigators questioned more than 40 people, has spent more than 20 examinations of the scene, seizures, searches. Assigned fingerprint, medical, quotes of forensic examination. Seized and viewed the videotapes from the surveillance cameras located in the area of the scene obtained from the video phones of the persons who were witnesses to the crime.


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