In Saratov sentenced a man who beat a dog

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Court in Saratov sentenced a local resident to five months hard labor on charges that he beat and choked a dog chain, announced on Wednesday the regional Prosecutor’s office.

The Prosecutor General’s office earlier reported that in March the defendant in the yard in Saratov from hooligan promptings have beaten the dog guarding the yard, then began to choke her with a metal chain. It was noted that the 29-year-old man used the «sadistic methods».

«The court, considering the position of the state Prosecutor, appointed Alexander Shurshalov a sentence of five months of corrective works with deduction of 10% of earnings to the state», — stated in the message.

The court found Shurshalov guilty under article «cruelty to animals».

«As a result of his actions the dog caused serious bodily injury, amputated leg,» — said the Prosecutor’s office.