In Sweden, a growing number of addresses on suspicion of financing of terrorism

© AFP 2017 / Jonathan NackstrandПолицейские in the centre of Stockholm. Archival photoIn Sweden, a growing number of addresses on suspicion of financing of terrorism© AFP 2017 / Jonathan Nackstrand

The number of statements to the police in connection with suspected terrorist financing has grown strongly in Sweden over the past year, according to Radio Sweden, SR.

«Banks and other companies during the first half of this year reported 279 cases, which is three times more compared to the same period last year,» reports radio.

In 2014, the statements to the police was for the entire year received 27 messages. According to the data for the whole of last year of such cases was 298, explains the radio.

The representative of financial police of Sweden, Angelika, Wallmark, commenting on the data, told the radio that the rise in statistics evidence conducted among companies working.

«The financial police held informational work. We met with private companies on various forums and in various occasions, during which they discussed the issue,» she said.

A police spokesman did not say what amount of money relate to all of the statements and explained that the increased number of applications did not give a picture of the number of crimes committed, the investigation of such cases difficult and requires a lot of time. Still in Sweden, the verdict in the case of the financing of terrorism made only one court held in 2005.

This files most often about suspected financing of terrorism according to staff of the banks. On the first of August in Sweden, new rules under which financial companies must identify their customers in order to prevent money laundering to Finance terrorism.