«Levada-center» will not be able to conduct exit poll on the election of 2018, said Gudkov

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Mangalapura in fotobanka polling station. Archival photo«Levada-center» will not be able to conduct exit poll on the election of 2018, said Gudkov© RIA Novosti / Alexei Mangalapura the image Bank

One of the largest sociological services of Russia «Levada-center» will not be able to hold exit poll during the upcoming presidential election in 2018 due to the status of «foreign agent», conducting similar studies in organizations with such status is prohibited by law, reported RIA Novosti Director of Levada Lev Gudkov.

«I don’t think we will conduct an exit poll at all. The status of «foreign agents» forbids us to do,» Gudkov told RIA Novosti in response to the question about the training plan for the exit poll in the presidential election.

Conducting such research cannot by law, the status does not allow organizations to participate in electoral campaigns, he said.

On the one hand, said head of the center, he hopes to exclude from the number of NCOs-foreign agents, on the other — it’s hard to believe that the organization will be automatically excluded from the registry. «Wait and see», — said Gudkov.

Introducing the «Levada-center» in the registry it became known in September 2016. Gudkov previously reported that since then, the organization has refused to attract foreign funding and are trying to keep legal provisions for getting rid of unwanted status for themselves.

In February 2017, Gudkov told RIA Novosti that the center hopes to get rid of the status of ieagent after checking the Ministry of justice. Not so long ago the head of the organization said that the «Levada» at the beginning of October is planning to send an appeal with a request to carry out proper checks.

In Russia, the most famous of the three organisations involved in sociological researches VTSIOM, FOM and «Levada-the centre»; they are, as a rule, conduct an exit poll in the election.

Regular elections of the President of Russia will be held in 2018. Already aware of plans by some politicians to participate in the upcoming electoral campaign, including, for example, the LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, one of the founders of the party «Yabloko» Grigory Yavlinsky. «Fair Russia» and the Communist party announced that it will decide on the nomination of candidates at their congresses. The intention to run in the upcoming elections also said the political scientist Andrey Bogdanov and one of the founders of the movement «Nashi» Boris Yakimenko.

The administration of the President yet does not answer the question of the participation of the President in the campaign of 2018. Earlier on a press-conferences following the results of participation in the BRICS summit, Putin, answering a question on participation in presidential elections of the Russian Federation, stated that the statutory time those who want to participate in them, say about it. The President added that «we have once the election campaign to announce, once everything stops working, I know firsthand».