Physics: diamond pistol will protect the line of quantum communication

© Fotolia / Tomasz ZajdaКвантовый processorPhysics: diamond pistol will protect the line of quantum communication© Fotolia / Tomasz Zajda

. Physics from MIPT and Germany realized, as there are single photons in diamond LEDs, and find out how you can use them to create sirsasana lines of quantum communication and quantum computers, says the article, published in the journal Physical Review Applied.

«Remember cowboy duels in westerns. For example, two shooters shoot strictly on battle hours. The winner usually the one who shoots first. The price for procrastination is life. Similarly, for the quantum devices, it is vital to generate photons on demand, at a fixed moments in time», — explains Dmitry Fedyanin, a physicist from Moscow Institute of physics and technology in Dolgoprudnyy, whose word brings the press service of the University.

Reliable sources of single photons are considered to be one of the most important components of quantum computing devices. Such devices are required to transmit information between the individual nodes of a quantum computer, without which their industrial application is impossible. As a rule, most of the existing developments of this kind only works at temperatures close to absolute zero, which greatly limits their scope.

A year ago, Fedyanin and his colleagues have taken the first step to solving this problem in the past year, creating a source of single photons on the basis of the so-called «defective» diamonds, precious stones, containing inclusions of single atoms of nitrogen and other chemical elements.

Despite the importance of this discovery, from scientists to use it could not, because they did not understand, as there are photons inside of the diamond and therefore do not know how to manage their behavior. This is important not only to create a quantum computer, but for the application of such diamond photon «guns» in data transmission systems, protected from hacking by the laws of quantum mechanics.

Fedyanin and his colleagues at MIPT and University of Siegen (Germany) approached the understanding of the principles of operation of such a diamond of «guns», creating a computer model of such a radiator and a set of formulas describing the behavior of atoms and electrons in the defects, where a single particle of light.

How to tell the scientists, they work almost the same as real guns. The role of trigger in them playing so-called «hole» – a special region in the crystal lattice of diamond where there is a partial positive charge. «Hole» and «defect» are constantly changing electrons, interacting like the trigger and the primers in the cartridges of the revolver, giving rise in the process of this exchange of single photons.

How fast is this «trigger» depends on how many electrons are present in the vicinity of the holes and how fast she can capture them. This, according to fedyanina, allows to accurately select the rate of production of single photons, and what properties they will have. All this, as scientists believe, will considerably facilitate and accelerate the development of systems for transmission of quantum information using similar diamond «revolvers» for data transmission.