Pret-a-Porte in Russian. Young designers — how to sew in Russia

© Photo courtesy of Daria Kuvshinnikova the Form and contentsPret-a-Porte in Russian. Young designers — how to sew in Russia© photo courtesy of Daria Kuvshinnikova

While the shops are full of European brands on the Russian market is gradually entering the local «young» brand clothing. Fundamentally their manufacturers create the product in Russia and personally monitor the quality. Buyers are still wary of their products, but designers are taking the risk and creating the Russian fashion. The RIA Novosti correspondent talked to the creators of such brands and found out why Made in Russia is better than Made in China.

The store becomes a place where the customer can just sit and talk. Due to this, it has become more casual buyers. Besides, people want to know about brands and their creators.

People always wonder why the jeweler made this or that thing, what was he thinking, that may resemble a specific product. In the end, a person buys not just a thing but a subject full of energy.