Returned from Syria and Iraq of Russian children waiting for rehabilitation

© Sputnik / Sarah Nureddinom. 26 Jul 2017 . Archival photoReturned from Syria and Iraq of Russian children waiting for rehabilitation© Sputnik / Sarah Noureddine

The next step after the return of Russian children home from Syria and Iraq will be their rehabilitation, but the main objective remains the search, identification and return of the children, told reporters the Commissioner for children’s rights in the Russian Federation Anna Kuznetsova, who on Wednesday evening were met at the airport Domodedovo returning from Iraq Mosul two orphaned Russian children.

On Wednesday evening scheduled flight to Moscow from Iraq came two more rescued in Mosul Russian children — Adlan dukaev and Hedija Husenova. They were accompanied by the representative of the head of Chechnya in the Middle East and North Africa Ziad Sabsabi.

«The mechanism of removal of children, of course, is fulfilled. Now we see that it has already been successfully implemented. The next step, of course, is rehabilitation,» said Kuznetsova.

She noted that monitoring the health status of those children who have already returned to Russia.

«I constantly receive pictures, as the kids get better. Now there is information that a treatment was provided, that from the health easy. Children lay in the hospital, has scheduled a plan of treatment of diagnosed diseases, and people return to normal life,» said children’s Ombudsman.

She noted that for her as a Commissioner for the rights of the child the main thing — children as they continue to help.

«There are kids older, there are younger, you need to look for mechanisms for their rehabilitation, to have a number of specialists. Still, they are left without parents. Legal representatives have, and they will also need to work to help to rehabilitate, the children went to school, returned to the world, normal life,» said Kuznetsova.

However, she pointed out that even more weight to the problem of search, export on home and identification of Russian children.

«Search tools that will allow us a speedy way documents for children to compose, arrange properly and to identify relatives. Now the base has increased significantly in children the number of appeals is growing and in the coming days, I hope at our next meeting we’ll announce the measures that will be the next step to resolving this issue,» — said children’s Ombudsman.

She believes that the return of Russian children home as soon as possible.

«These kids talking in other languages. The language principle is the most important, which is the identification of Russian children. If you pass more time, children get used to another language, it will be very difficult among all the children find their», — said Kuznetsova.

She noted that if you had to say about about three hundred children taken to the Middle East, now we are talking about five hundred.

«And that’s just fine,» — said Kuznetsov.


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