Scientists from Skoltech propose to create quantum artificial intelligence

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Quantum computers can be used not only for complex and heavy calculations that are inaccessible to conventional computers, but also to create a unique system of machine learning and artificial intelligence, says in a review article published in the journal Nature.

«Our team had a discussion on Skype until late at night, a field of science to classify our research. Many times we rewrote our article, changed the basic idea, eventually wrote three versions in 8 months, not having anything in common except the name — and finally sent the final version in the journal Nature,» says Walter Biamonte (Jacob Biamonte), employee Skoltech and an expert in the field of quantum physics, quoted in a press-service of the Institute.

The rapid growth in data generated and used by humanity in everyday life, is making programmers, engineers, physicists and representatives of other Sciences to find new ways of information processing. The greatest hopes today are pinned on two things – quantum computers capable of processing cosmically large amounts of data and machine learning systems and artificial intelligence, able to search for useful «needle» in a haystack of useless information, without spending a lot of resources.

Today many IT companies and ordinary scientists, it tells Biamonte often think about how can I combine these two things and how it should be done if possible. Scientists from Skoltech and international countries analyzed the information available on this subject and tried to formulate a road map for the development of machine learning, operating on the basis of quantum computers.

To create it, scientists have analyzed the various algorithms used today in the work of artificial intelligence systems, can be accelerated, if you translate them with the language of «ordinary» computers, performing all operations sequentially, in the language of their quantum «cousins» who are able to perform these calculations simultaneously.

As shown by these calculations, quantum computers can speed up virtually all such algorithms. Some of them will accelerate exponentially, performing a computing operation for a small fraction of the time that is spent on them on conventional computers, while others «only» the square root of time. In other words, an operation, which usually takes 4 seconds, will be executed on a quantum device for 2 seconds.

All this, according to Biamonte and his colleagues, allows the use of quantum computers not only to perform complex chemical and physical calculations, and for solving optimization problems, but also for many other purposes where today used neural networks and artificial intelligence. The main problem for their implementation is that scientists have not yet created sufficiently large quantum computers, where such a neural network will be able to work, and quantum memory, able to store large amounts of data.


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