Scientists have discovered a new «unbreakable» form of life

© Fotolia / Photokanok_1984МикроскопScientists have discovered a new «unbreakable» form of life© Fotolia / Photokanok_1984

Researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia, discovered about eight thousand new microorganisms belonging to bacteria and archaea. About it reports the portal ScienceAlert, citing an article published in the journal Nature Microbiology.

Most unicellular – 98-99 per cent are extremophiles, i.e., exist in conditions not suitable for life of other organisms. For example, they can live in waters with high acidity, salinity or alkalinity.

Scientists, using the methods metagenomic, found DNA not matching is already established and stored in databases of the genomes. There are 7280 and realnyh 623 bacterial genomes.