Shchusev’s work reveal the depth of Russian culture, said Medina

© Photo : an account of MUAR in the network facebookГосударственный the Museum of architecture. A. V. Shchusev. Archive photoShchusev’s work reveal the depth of Russian culture, said Medina© Photo : MUAR account in network facebook

The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, speaking to the guests of the exhibition «Italian buildings Alexei Shchusev,» said that the exposition is a little-known side of the works by the outstanding Russian architect, and stressed that creativity Shchusev revealed the full depth of the national culture of Russia.

The Minister noted that it is very important that «the project provides visitors an opportunity to see poorly studied the oeuvre of Alexey Shchusev, discover many unsold, previously unknown projects».

Shchusev is the author of the project of the Lenin mausoleum, the hotel «Moscow» Kazan station, «Stalin’s plan» — the plan of reconstruction of Moscow.

On the eve of the First world war at the request of the Chairman of the Imperial Orthodox Palestine society, Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna, the funds which were collected from all Russia, his project was built the Church of St. Nicholas in Bari, and to this Cathedral of the Marfo-Mariinsky convent in Moscow. Construction in Bari patronised personally by the Emperor Nicholas II.

The revolution interrupted the connection of the representation from Russia. In 2007, during Vladimir Putin’s visit to Bari, held talks on complete transfer of a farmstead of Russia. In 2009, the compound was given over to the Russian Orthodox Church and today the Church of St. Nicholas in Bari is a place of attraction of many pilgrims.Shchusev’s work reveal the depth of Russian culture, said Medina© Photo : El Lissitzky/ Courtesy of Van AbbemuseumРеволюция, propaganda and Moscow: to London show of Soviet architecture