The banking community opposed the increase in contribution rates in FSV

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Traveloperator in photobacteria bills. Archival photoThe banking community opposed the increase in contribution rates in FSV© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Traveloperator the image Bank

The increase in the base rate of contributions in banks of the Russian Federation in Fund of mandatory Deposit insurance Fund (DIF) will not solve the problem, but only increase the burden on the banking sector, the Chairman of the Board of the Association «Russia» Anatoly Aksakov.

The basic rate of deductions of banks in FSV is 0.12% of the average volume of deposits for the quarter. Central Bank is in discussion with the DIA the increase of this rate to 0.15% in early 2018. However, the Finance Ministry is in favour of raising the base rate to 0.2%.

«Of 0.15%, as it is written in the law and leave. We are categorically against (the increase rate — ed.). Some of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank acted to increase the base rate, was a closed meeting on this subject. But we are not persuaded that the need to improve, I think we will stand», — said Aksakov reporters on the sidelines of the International banking forum.

«Another thing — what is now up 0.12%, but the Board of Directors of ASV can increase to 0.15%. We are also discussing with representatives of the Central Bank and ASV, and with the market. Of course, the market is against it. ASV position is neutral. Our position is that the problem is solved due to the increase, and the load (on the banks in the afternoon.) will increase,» he said.

Earlier, the head of ASV Yury Isayev said that cautious about the idea of increasing the base rate of insurance contributions of banks.

Last week, Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseyev said that currently considering two options to increase the base rate: in the framework of the existing law to 0.15%, or as proposed by the Ministry of Finance — 0.2%. The nearest Board of Directors of the DIA, according to the Deputy Minister, scheduled for early October, but the agenda is still unknown to him. According to calculations Sberbank, the growth rates of 0.2% will increase the costs of banks to 120 billion rubles per year, and total payments to the Fund will take the banks a quarter profits.

The first Deputy Chairman of Bank of Russia Dmitry Tulin in late June said that the FSV debt to the Bank of Russia will continue to grow, even if the base rate charges will be 0.2 percent as expenses of the Fund to compensate the depositors of the citizens deprived license banks will not allow the Fund to be unsubsidized in the next two to three years.


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