The biologist for the first time have precisely measured the power of the eels electroshock

© Illustration RIA Novosti . Alina Planinata the artist presented it as an eel, beat the hand of the scientist currentThe biologist for the first time have precisely measured the power of the eels electroshock© Illustration RIA Novosti . Alina Polyanina

. American biologist has put an unusual experiment on his own arm, by measuring the amount of current which generates an electric eel attacking a person, and told about the sensations and measurements, in an article in the journal Current Biology.

«This experience became a good lesson for me and a demonstration of how well the eels to scare off predators. In the most simplified form of acne can be thought of as a battery with gills, living in water, and I wanted to know how powerful she is and how much her work affects water resistance. All I have left to do is to «sacrifice» his hand, which I did not do in the course of the past experiences,» said Kenneth Catania (Kenneth Catania) from Vanderbilt University in Nashville (USA).

The famous German naturalist Alexander von Humboldt in March 1800, he traveled to South and Central America, studying the flora and fauna of the New world. During one of these trips, he hired local guides, the Indians and bought a few horses, at their request. The Indians offered the Prussian scientist to catch some electric eels, a device whose body was greatly interested him, using a very unusual method of fishing.

According to Humboldt, the conductors used for the horses – they brought horses in water-swamps, inhabited by eels and then began an unusual show: the fish start to jump out of the water and tried to attach to the body of cloven-hoofed animals and to hurt them with the current than was used by the Indians for the capture of eels.

It tells of Riding, most scientists believed that the story is a fiction, but last year he managed to accidentally confirm that acne really jump out of the water and do it in order to cause the greatest painful electric shock.

All of these experiments, the biologist conducted using «dummy» snout of a crocodile, which he assembled from pieces of wire and LEDs. It did not allow him to estimate the strength of the shock and to understand what can cause such a shock, because the metal frame of this «device» had a completely different resistance and other electrical properties than the skin and tissues of the human body.

Catania have eliminated this disadvantage by creating a special aquarium, which allowed him to measure the amperage, voltage and other properties of the eels electroshock, plunging his own hand into the aquarium. For these experiments, the researchers used a relatively small and young eel is capable of generating painful, but not dangerous to health shocks.

As shown by these experiments, low resistance of the body allows even small acne to develop is sensitive enough shocks, whose voltage is about 127 volts and the current is about 50 milliamperes. These values are almost an order of magnitude exceed the pain threshold of the person and maximum values of both of the parameter are allowed in the experiments for verification of pain.

Adults and larger eels, as noted by Catania, have to develop more powerful pulses having a voltage of approximately 500 volts and a current of 0.25 amps. According to the biologist, such a blow would be equivalent to if the person simultaneously shot from ten stun guns. All this may explain why the inhabitants of the Amazon and other regions of America, where they live, these fish are very afraid of them and never go fishing without a net by other fishermen.