The Finance Minister, the US wanted to go on our honeymoon on the service plane

© Flickr / US Air ForceСамолет the U.S. air force. Archival photoThe Finance Minister, the US wanted to go on our honeymoon on the service plane© Flickr / US Air Force

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin requested permission to use the government plane to fly with his wife during the honeymoon, informs television channel ABC, citing sources.

The bride and groom planned to spend their honeymoon in Europe and visit France, Italy and Scotland. According to the TV station, the cost of operation of US air force aircraft for one hour is about 25 thousand dollars.

Office of inspector General of the Ministry of Finance which dealt with the consideration of the application, considered the request of the Minister inappropriate and rejected it.

The representative of the U.S. Treasury, commenting on the request Mnuchin, said that such requirement was due to the need for a safe communication method. «We need to have access to safe means of communication, and our task is to consider a broad range of options for securing this access during his trips, including possible use of military aircraft», — quotes the TV channel excerpt from the response of the representative.

Earlier media reported that the office of the inspector General of the U.S. Treasury Department is investigating the circumstances of the flight Mnuchin on government aircraft, which the Minister could commit to view a solar Eclipse.