The government has approved a project on the use in 2018, the remaining budget

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The Russian government approved the draft law on the peculiarities of use in 2018, the balances of the Federal budget, published on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The Finance Ministry has been instructed in the preparation of the document for consideration in the state Duma in the second reading to amend the provisions specifying terms of distribution of government subsidies and other interbudgetary transfers to budgets of regions.

The draft law «on suspension of certain provisions of the Budget code of the Russian Federation» developed by the Ministry of Finance in order to create legal conditions for the preparation of the draft law on the Federal budget for 2018 and the planning period of 2019 and 2020. The document proposes to consolidate the use of features in 2018, balances the Federal budget, extending for another year the action installed in 2017, the legal grounds for the possibility of sending balances the Federal budget in early 2018, for a number of purposes.

In particular, the increase in budget allocations for the implementation of the decisions of the President and the government in some areas, payment of government contracts, calculations which in 2017 was performed using Treasury security obligations, and to increase the reserve Fund of the Cabinet by moving all other («non») residues of 2017.

Under the bill measures will help to send in 2018 the proceeds from the refund of subsidies on increase in reserve Fund of the government. It is also proposed to extend for one year the additional grounds for amendment of the summary budget list of the Federal budget without making amendments to the law on the Federal budget.

In addition, the Cabinet has approved the report on execution of the Federal budget in the first half and sent it to the state Duma, the Federation Council and the Accounts chamber.

The government has approved a project on the use in 2018, the remaining budgetThe draft Federal budget for 2017-2019