The survey showed how well the Russians know the history of their country

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in fotobanka on red square in Moscow. Archival photoThe survey showed how well the Russians know the history of their country© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

Only 42% of Russians evaluate their knowledge of history is positive, it follows from the results of a survey of the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM).

The vast majority (96%) of respondents believe that knowing the history of Russia is important. This figure exceeded the results of the survey in 2015 to 4%.

In fact, the most correct answers in the survey on the knowledge of a number of historical facts had been received about the events related with the last decades of the USSR.

More than half of respondents (59%) could not correctly name the only President of the USSR. Remember the leader of the country, which is associated with the term «era of stagnation» got 51% of the respondents; 62% correctly named the author of the phrase «show gruel».

At the same time called the years of the Russo-Japanese war could only 9%, Civil war — 7 %, to indicate who overthrew the Bolsheviks — 11%.

«74% of yesterday’s students were unable to correctly name the first and only President of the USSR. However, the more time the results are even more staggering: 95% of respondents aged 18 to 24 years not identificeret last head of the Provisional government A. F. Kerensky,» commented a survey by the General Director of the Museum of contemporary history of Russia Irina Velikanova.

The poll was conducted 6-7 September 2017 among 1,200 Russians aged 18 years. The statistical error does not exceed 3.5%.