Altai Krai and SGK will develop energy projects in the region

© Photo : SkydrinkerБарнаул. Archive photoAltai Krai and SGK will develop energy projects in the region© Photo : Skydrinker

The Governor of the Altai territory Alexander Karlin and General Director of «Siberian generating company» Mikhail Kuznetsov signed the agreement about socially-economic cooperation for 2017-2019, in which rekonstruiruet CHP Rubtsovsk, where there were problems with hot water.

SGK is engaged in modernization of heat supply of Rubtsovsk in 2016. By this time other companies responsible for heating the third largest city in the Altai region, were in the process of bankruptcy. Due to financial problems of the heatsupplying organizations of the town had problems with hot water.

The CEO of SGK noted that in Rubtsovsk realized the biggest in the country the project of reconstruction of heating system — only main networks passed 40%. «Almost all funds — 1.7 billion rubles, which we had planned to spend on the renovation project, invested. Left to invest about 70 million rubles for the improvement next year,» — said Kuznetsov.

The main shareholder and Chairman of committees, strategy boards of Directors of EuroChem, the «Siberian coal energy company» and «Siberian generating company» Andrey Melnichenko, in turn, noted that by may 2018 in Rubtsovsk project will be implemented for the reconstruction of CHP that will provide heat the whole town. «The law doesn’t allow us to guarantee return on investment. At the same time, we have changed 50% of thermal management in the city. From the standpoint of a business investment, our people in Rubtsovsk do unique things, and this is not a business project», — he said.

Governor Karlin noted the importance of the signed document: «We will develop thermal and electrical generation in the Altai region, Rubtsovsk, Barnaul. Will continue active cooperation to address social issues… we Have 19 enterprises of the agricultural machinery cluster, some companies in Rubtsovsk, and from this point of view, the development of heat generation there is a special socio-economic importance».

«Siberian generating company» — the Russian energy holding operating in the territory of the Altai territory, the Kemerovo region, the Krasnoyarsk territory, republics of Khakassia and Tyva. This is one of the largest generating companies in Russia in terms of installed capacity and the first in Siberia in thermal power.