Cassini gave the last signal to Earth

© NASA / JPL-CaltechИллюстрация spacecraft Cassini over the Northern hemisphere of SaturnCassini gave the last signal to Earth© NASA / JPL-Caltech

. The probe «Cassini» passed the last signal to Earth and ended its existence, having burned in the atmosphere of Saturn in two minutes after entering in the dense layers according to NASA.

According to experts of Agency, the signal was lost in 14 hours and 56 minutes Moscow time, and the probe ceased to exist in about 45 seconds after this event.

The probe «Cassini» is one of the most expensive and the most long-lived and successful of NASA projects that were created in the past, more money for the space Agency years in the framework of the so-called «flagship» missions. In addition to the «Cassini», consists of probes of the Voyager, Viking, automatic station Galileo studying Jupiter and the telescope «Chandra» and the Curiosity Rover.

«Cassini» was one of the first projects of NASA in which was attended by scientists and engineers not only from USA but also specialists from the European space Agency and the Italian space Agency ASI. Thanks to radioisotope heat sources and energy probe has been in space for almost 20 years and made dozens of landmark discoveries.

Scientists expect that the last data that Cassini collected during immersion in the atmosphere of Saturn, will help them uncover some of the mysteries of the birth of the Solar system and how the matter of his rings turns into an exotic rain in the upper air layers of the giant planet.