«Cassini» transferred to the Ground the last photo before falling to the Saturn

© NASA/SwRI/JPLПоследняя photo from Cassini before falling to Saturn«Cassini» transferred to the Ground the last photo before falling to the Saturn© NASA/SwRI/JPL

. The probe «Cassini» transferred to the last photo on the Ground and is burned up in the atmosphere of Saturn, transformed into a «flaming metal meteor», however, the signal of his death reaches the Ground in only three hours a day, said astronomers Linda Spilker and Jonathan McDowell.

RIP Cassini. End of the radio signal heading our way is now 1 AU from Saturn

— Jonathan McDowell (@planet4589) September 15, 2017

The probe «Cassini» is one of the most expensive and the most long-lived and successful of NASA projects that were created in the past, more money for the space Agency years in the framework of the so-called «flagship» missions. In addition to the «Cassini», consists of probes of the Voyager, Viking, automatic station Galileo studying Jupiter and the telescope «Chandra» and the Curiosity Rover.

«Cassini» was one of the first projects of NASA in which was attended by scientists and engineers not only from USA but also specialists from the European space Agency and the Italian space Agency ASI. Thanks to radioisotope heat sources and energy probe has been in space for almost 20 years and made dozens of landmark discoveries.

On current projections, NASA, the signal that the probe was in the atmosphere of Saturn and were burned in it, will reach the Earth earlier than was originally expected, scientists – not in three hours a day, and 2 hours and 55 minutes.

As told to Linda Spilker (Linda Spilker), the scientific head of the mission, Cassini successfully passed to the Earth the latest pictures of Saturn, its moons and rings, and got a picture of that point, where it fell about a half hour ago. As scientists hope that the data will be recorded by the tracking stations on Earth in the next half hour, will help the team probe to understand how it passed the last seconds of his life.