Durov called the cause of failure Telegram

© AP Photo / Tatan SyuflanaСооснователь social network Vkontakte, the Creator of the secure messenger Telegram Pavel Durov. Archival photoDurov called the cause of failure Telegram© AP Photo / Tatan Syuflana

The failures of the messenger Telegram of 13 September was caused by a sharp increase in user activity, said the founder of the messenger, Pavel Durov Telegram in his channel.

According to Durov, down came one of the server clusters Telegram, which led to the fact that about 15% of users, which at that time was in the network, faced difficulties when sending and receiving messages. The problem was partially eliminated in UTC 18.10 (21.10 GMT), but about 11% of online users still experienced difficulties when using the app. At 19.00 UTC, the issue has been fully resolved.

The problem has affected Germany, Iraq and some CIS countries, primarily Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

«First of all, we are very sorry for the inconvenience that caused a failure. The crashed cluster worked without problems for several years, so I can imagine the shock of the users affected by yesterday’s failure,» says Durov.

On Wednesday, the Telegram users in several countries complained that the service is not working or hangs when sending messages.