Japanese self-defense forces did not shoot down North Korean rocket

© AFP 2017 / Kazuhiro NOGIТрансляция news in Tokyo about a new missile launch of the DPRK. 15.09.2017Japanese self-defense forces did not shoot down North Korean rocket© AFP 2017 / Kazuhiro FOOT

The self-defense forces of Japan explained why not to shoot down North Korean rocket. This at a press conference in Tokyo, said Secretary General of the government, Yoshihide Suga.

According to him, the self-defense forces from the beginning to the end tracked the flight of the rocket.

«Because it was not supposed that its fragments will fall and will harm our country, it was not shot down», — said the speaker of the government.

Suga added that the government transmit information to the population on emergency alert channels J-Alert.

Pyongyang on Friday re-launched ballistic missile. Japanese and South Korean military announced that it had reached a height of about 800 kilometers and flew 3700 miles, falling to 2.2 thousand kilometers from Cape Erimo in Hokkaido. The UN security Council on the initiative of the United States, Japan and South Korea held consultations on the new rocket start-up.

Later North Korea stated that no amount of outside pressure forced to abandon the development of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles if the United States will maintain a hostile attitude.

Earlier, the leaders of the United States and the DPRK exchanged harsh statements: North Korea has promised to release a ballistic missile to the area of GUAM, where the us military bases. In response Donald trump has promised that in case of attack, «North Korea will happen such an event, which no one has ever seen». Kim Jong-UN declared that yet observe the behavior of the United States, trump has endorsed these words.

Japanese self-defense forces did not shoot down North Korean rocket© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in fotobanka can fly rockets to the DPRK