Party evaluate the results of the election and thinking about the presidential race

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Leading Russian political force «United Russia», KPRF, LDPR and «Fair Russia» assess the results of the elections held on 10 September and are already thinking about what conclusions they can make about the work done in anticipation of the upcoming presidential race.

Elections of different level have passed in Russia in the uniform voting day on September 10 in 82 of the 85 regions in 16 subjects chose the heads of regions. Regular elections of the President of Russia will be held in 2018. Already aware of plans by some politicians to participate in the upcoming electoral campaign, including, for example, the LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky. «Fair Russia» and the Communist party announced that it will decide on the nomination of candidates at their congresses.

«United Russia»

At the meeting of the Presidium, the Secretary of General Council of «United Russia» Sergei Neverov said that United Russia, analyzes the causes of failures in the elections to the local self-government bodies held on 10 September in some regions. As possible causes of failures, he called the deficiencies in the implementation of party projects in such regions or errors in the conduct of early voting in the selection of candidates.

The politician later announced that analysis of the results of the single voting day in the context of the upcoming presidential elections will be held within the «United Russia», but not in order to amend the electoral law.

However, he noted the positive effect is already enshrined in the electoral system changes. «I think that those innovations that have already been applied, I mean, and the abolition of absentee ballots, changes, facilitating the work of election observers, they have proved their efficiency,» he said.

The Communist party

According to first Deputy Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee Ivan Melnikov, the elections held on 10 September, showed that the Communist party is «the only party that has a detailed program of development» and a positive experience with it in the regions will be a party in future presidential race.

The politician said that the Communists are stepping up the formulation of conclusions about a single day of voting. However, he noted a significant update individuals among the Communists in the regions and drew attention to the successes of the Communist party in times of struggle regions of Sevastopol and the Saratov region.

Melnikov noticed the election results in Moscow. «As for Moscow, then there were elections at the municipal level, they are not very well to invest in the overall picture of the trends. Voters here have other motivations, there was a powerful capital specificity was extremely low turnout. The political debate in Moscow during the campaign was not heard, and therefore be considered a municipal election of its political reflection is difficult. It takes time to grasp all the pros and cons of the Moscow campaign. All adjustments to the work we will contribute with a cool head,» he said.

The liberal democratic party

The Deputy head of the Duma faction LDPR Yaroslav Nilov stressed that taking into account the results of the elections held on 10 September, as one of the main slogans of the future presidential campaign of the liberal democratic party uses a call to voters about their more active participation. According to the Deputy, the party will focus on the fact that if the Russians want change, they should come to the polls.

The MP also noted positive aspects of the single voting day. He mentioned that there have been cases when in the investigation of violations of the election on the party candidates to stand and the courts, the police and the Prosecutor.

Nilov has mentioned possible changes in the Russian electoral system advocated by the liberal democratic party: the transfer of a single day of voting, the abolition of voting procedures «at home» and early voting. He also believes that it is necessary to pay more attention to awareness of the citizens about the elections, «broadcast message» that their vote affects their future and that of their children.

«Fair Russia»

The Deputy head of the Duma faction «Fair Russia» Mikhail Emelyanov said that, given the outcome of a single day of voting in the presidential election campaign «Fair Russia» will work to increase turnout and mobilize the electorate.

The MP also said that on September 21 at the session of the Presidium of the party will sum up the results of the elections held on 10 September. «Will definitely be a serious conversation in Moscow. Of course, we are not satisfied with the result when ten people just passed», — concluded the Deputy.Party evaluate the results of the election and thinking about the presidential race© RIA Novosti, Infografiken voting day in Russia