Poll: the development of artificial intelligence will increase the reduction of staff

© Fotolia / Mopic Artificial intelligencePoll: the development of artificial intelligence will increase the reduction of staff© Fotolia / Mopic

Almost half of employees in companies in different countries of the world expects the staff reductions in the next five years because of development of technologies of artificial intelligence (AI), according to a study by Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

The company surveyed more than 3 thousand executives, managers and analysts from 112 countries, representing 21 sector of the economy (the majority of respondents from the United States, 35%, from Russia – a total of 10 respondents). «The results of the survey showed… as a result of the development of AI is less than half of respondents (47%) expect cuts in their companies in the next five years,» the study says.

In addition, almost 80% of respondents believe that artificial intelligence «will enrich the skills of existing employees», and according to 31% of respondents, the development of these technologies will reduce the scope of their own tasks. A small group of respondents (13%) do not consider the artificial intelligence no risks nor opportunities.

«Most companies predicts a significant impact of artificial intelligence on information technology, operational activities and production, managing supply chain and work with customers,» the study says.

As noted by BCG, about 15% of respondents believe that these technologies now have a great influence on the proposals and processes of their organizations, nearly 60 percent expect that this will happen in the next five years. All in all, about 85% of managers of companies surveyed believes that AI will allow organizations to gain or keep a competitive advantage.

While at present, only every fifth company has incorporated elements of the AI in some workflows, and only every twentieth has implemented these technologies into existing processes or proposals on a large scale. A strategy for working with the AI there is less than 40% of organizations.