Representatives of Russia and Alaska have agreed to strengthen humanitarian ties

© Fotolia / MaridavНациональный Park glacier Bay, Alaska, USA. Archival photoRepresentatives of Russia and Alaska have agreed to strengthen humanitarian ties© Fotolia / Maridav

Representatives of Russia agreed with community leaders from Alaska during their visit to Russia to strengthen Russian-American humanitarian cooperation, according to the website of the foreign Ministry.

Clarifies that 4-10 September, Russia was visited by a group of public figures from Alaska, which included representatives from academia, non-governmental organizations, members of the Alaska historical society, and prominent figures of the Autocephalous Orthodox Church in America. The delegation participated on the basis of the Ryazan state University named for S. A. Yessenin international scientific-practical conference «Echo of Russian America: historical-cultural heritage».

At the conclusion of the forum, some American participants arrived in Moscow and was adopted in the Ministry of foreign Affairs, indicated on the Agency’s website. Agreed to continue contacts, including the participation of representatives of the IWG and Russian experts in the activities of the Alaska historical society.

«The discussion touched on the issues of strengthening Russian-American humanitarian cooperation with the emphasis on the need to intensify cooperation among scientific, educational and archival institutions of the two countries», — stated in the message.