«Schwabe» will stimulate the development of sighting equipment

© press service of the holding «Schwabe»shvabe will stimulate the development of sighting equipment«Schwabe» will stimulate the development of sighting equipment© press service of the holding «Schwabe»

The holding company shvabe intends to support and promote the development of sighting equipment, said first Deputy General Director, shvabe holding Sergey Popov.

As the press service of the holding, the engineers Novosibirsk instrument-making plant (NPZ, a part of the holding «Schwabe») has designed a new thermal imaging sights, with «smart» features that 80% consists of Russian components and are more profitable as compared to foreign analogues the price on the market.

Autofunction new devices release an arrow from, for example, from I amendments to the external environment, while providing high accuracy. So, when hunting in the mountains due to automatic corrections for elevation of the target, the probability of hitting the first shot with these sights increases, it said in a press release.

«Today, sighting technique is one of the most important niches in the segment of civil engineering, having good export potential. In Novosibirsk on our production site every year creates more than ten new sights and we intend in the future to support and encourage the development of this direction», — said Popov.

Serial release of products will begin in the first half of 2018.