Scientists have created nanoplastyri that burn fat

© Photo : CUMCНано-patch that turns the harmful into useful white fat brownScientists have created nanoplastyri that burn fat© Photo : CUMC

American biologists have created an unusual nanoplastyri, forcing the cells of white fat in the folds of skin to turn into beneficial brown fat, and checked out his work on mice, according to a paper published in the journal ACS Nano.

«There are several preparations that transforms white fat into brown. They all have one drawback — they need to be consumed in the form of tablets or injections. As a result, the whole body is exposed to drugs, which leads to stomach problems, weight gain, and bone fractures. Our patch is free from these shortcomings,» says Li Qiang (Li Qiang) from Columbia University (USA).

According to current who data, in the world since 80 years of the last century there is a global obesity epidemic. Last year, every third inhabitant of the globe, a total of 1.9 billion people, suffered from extra pounds, about 15% from severe forms of obesity. According to the organization, 47% of diseases (e.g. cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer) are associated with obesity.

In recent years, scientists are looking for ways to get rid of obesity not only by diet but also by various hormones and signaling molecules that cause the body by yourself to burn excess calories. As shown by experiments on mice, this can be achieved by forcing part of the normal fat cells turn into so-called brown fat.

Brown fat is mostly found in the tissues of infants and babies and is used for rapid calorie burning and heating of the body. The growth of brown fat disappears. In the body of adults is dominated by white fat, plays the role of «warehouse» nutrients.

Recently biologists have discovered that some substances, like capsaicin, the main pungent ingredient of pepper, and some hormones can reverse this process, but their medical use is complicated by the fact that to carry out such a procedure within the body is extremely dangerous.

Qiang and his colleagues solved this problem by «packing» are two such hormone in the nanoparticles, which gradually dissolve and release their contents when hit in the human body. These nanoparticles biologists put a special band-aid — it is covered with nano-needles and gradually enters its contents into the body of a human or animal when applied to the skin.

This fat burning patch, the biologists was tested in mice suffering from obesity. Experiments showed that the mass of fat on the side of the abdomen, where the Boo-Boo, decreased by 20% in just four weeks after the start of the experiment.

The weight has led to other positive effects — the sugar level in the blood of rodents significantly decreased their body started to respond better to insulin, they become more active.

«Many people will undoubtedly welcome the fact that we have created a less painful and safer alternative to liposuction. Most importantly, our method can be used not only for obesity but for diabetes and other metabolic disorders,» says Qiang.