SRS expelled from the party the head of branch of Kuban «the betrayal»

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wolfparade in photobanks the headquarters of the party just Russia in Moscow. Archival photoSRS expelled from the party the head of branch of Kuban «the betrayal»© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wolfparade the image Bank

The management «Fair Russia» plans to exclude from the party acting President of the Council of the regional branch of the socialist-revolutionaries in Krasnodar territory Denis Chmielewski, «betrayed the interests» and «causing harm» to the party during the last elections on 10 September, the press service of the SRS.

«The party does not recognize the election of the Deputy of legislative Assembly of Krasnodar territory D. L. Chmielewski, as he was elected through illegal schemes organized by the Vice-Governor (Yuri) Burlachko. Betrayal and compromising position in the ranks «Fair Russia» is invalid. We believe it is necessary to exclude from the party betrayed its interests D. L. Chmielewski», — the press service quoted party leader Sergei Mironov.

According to him, the results of the analysis of the election campaign «Fair Russia» in the Krasnodar region, showed that Chmielewski had «betrayed the interests of the party and deliberately engaged in activities harmful to the party.»

«In particular, used his position to conduct in the areas of genalutea, let the prompt investigation of abuse at polling stations. At a time when the party fought against the illegal actions of administration of the region, khmelevskoy consciously worked against the party on the side of our opponents using illegal methods of struggle,» — said Mironov.

Earlier, the leader of the party declared that «Fair Russia» will not recognize the results of elections in legislative Assembly of Krasnodar region, where he was awarded numerous violations directed against the socialist revolutionaries.