The ex-mayor of Birobidzhan received a suspended sentence for selling cinema

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The former mayor of Birobidzhan Andrew Parkhomenko received four years of probation for the sale of municipal cinema «Rodina», the Birobidzhan district court found him guilty of abuse of office, told RIA Novosti in court.

«Andrey Parkhomenko, convicted of abuse of office that caused grave consequences, the verdict — four years conditionally with a trial period 3 years, also for three years on the court, he may not hold positions in bodies of state power and local self-government»,- told RIA Novosti in court.

Verdict in force has not entered, may be appealed to a higher court.

As previously reported, the litigation on the sale of cinema lasted more than two years. Parkhomenko was arrested in February of 2015, later, the court changed the measure of restraint, and the ex-mayor was under house arrest, under which he was released in October.

According to investigators, because of his official position Parkhomenko took administrative decision on the transfer of entrepreneurs, composed with him in friendly terms, the rights to a movie theater, art Studio, located underneath land, garage and equipment at obviously underestimated cost, inadequate market conditions.

The property was sold for 7.8 million rubles. The amount of damage from illegal actions exceeded 55 million rubles. The Prosecutor’s office of Jewish Autonomous region has also sent the court a criminal case against two businessmen and an employee of the cinema «Rodina», accused of fraud in the sale of the building. They are accused under article «fraud committed by a group of persons in especially large size». In June the Prosecutor’s office of the Jewish authority said that the deal is void.

The ex-mayor of Birobidzhan received a suspended sentence for selling cinemaAccusations of crime and punishment Russian officials